QuestMark offers a three pronged solution to handling returned mail.

1. Ongoing database scrub: Validate all addresses using a weekly (or other frequency) database scrub. This process can use a small record set (for example, all new or updated address entries since the last update), or a large record set (for example, run the entire database, which should be done initially.)

2. Pre-print and mail process: This is our core business. During this process we take your print data and run it against the USPS databases (including NCOAlink, ANKlink, etc.) and make necessary corrections prior to mailing. If necessary we will include a change of address letter with the mail piece that facilitates correct and timely address acquisition. We apply a 2D barcode that can significantly lessen the expense of handling returned mail.

3. Returned Mail process: Provides a cost-effective process that efficiently and correctly identifies new addresses and addresses that are unobtainable. This system will comply with all USPS regulations and should facilitate automated updates for your corporate systems.



QuestMark is now offering a 100% web-based solution for all your accountable mail needs.


You only need to address one piece, one time

Track the mail from any PC, anytime.
No receipt or green card to keep up with.
No hardware or software to purchase.
No subscription fee or long-term contract.

Save between $.50-$2.83 in postage on each piece of certified or accountable mail. That’s a savings of $50-$283 for every 100 pieces mailed.
EZ Confirm is a 100% web-based addressing and tracking solution offering easy multi-search criteria. You can track the mail from any PC. Receipt signatures are emailed to you on USPS letterhead. EZ Confirm can help you save money, stay under budget and make the work flow more efficient.

Call us today at 713-662-9022.

Call us today at 713-662-9022.



Do need us to come and pick up your daily mail? Do you need us to only do part of the mailing process?

QuestMark will pick up your daily USPS mail and presort it to obtain lowest possible automation postage rates. All classes of mail qualify for postal automation discounts. This includes letters, flats, parcels and certified mail (when processed through our online tracking service).

Speed your mail to its destination quickly, efficiently and in a more cost-effective manner.