To achieve postal discounts and faster delivery of your mail, let us help you manage your list by using these services:

  • CASS/PAVE certification
  • NCOA®
  • FastForward®
  • UMOVE®
  • De-Dupe the list by name and address
  • Mail Merge

By utilizing the above services, you will:

  • remove bad addresses from your data base
  • reduce your quantity of mail pieces
  • reduce your quantity of returned mail
  • save MONEY!


Improving Address Quality Reduces your Overall Production Cost

Reduces undeliverable / returned mail
Speeds delivery to your clients
Reduces receivables recovery cycle
FastForward and NCOA – National Change of Address Updates, reach clients you’ve lost contact with
We utilize CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) and PAVE (Presort, Accuracy, Validation and Evaluation) certified software to ‘precondition’ your production file addresses. This improves the chances of faster delivery by adding the carrier route, zip+4, and delivery point bar-code to your documents before they are printed. This also speeds delivery by reducing the chances of the document having to be reworked by the USPS.

As part of the USPS Classification Reform rate changes, the USPS requires First Class mailers to perform move-update processing to receive automated postal discounts.

For most clients this is accomplished by utilizing address service requested or return service requested endorsements on the outside of the mail piece. Depending on the endorsement, the envelope is either forwarded to the end user and an address update card sent to you for an additional fee, or the envelope is returned to you to update the address and re-mail the piece at additional first class postage. USPS rates are increasing every year.

QuestMark’s software interfaces with the USPS FASTforwardSM system to provide new address information from a secure National Change of Address (COA) file. The COA data is based on mail-forwarding information supplied to the U.S. Postal Service by the addressee. The system uses name and address, zip code and zip+4 data to determine if an address change exists. If a new address is found, the updated address is then used to replace your client’s address before your statements or letters are mailed.

The USPS FASTforwardSM database contains all addressee-reported permanent address changes for the previous six months and is updated weekly by the USPS. The USPS change-of-address information is highly secure. All address information supplied to USPS is verified before it is added to their COA database.

Your client’s statement will be delivered faster and manual address maintenance is minimized.

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